Thursday, 30 October 2008

Nell Bryden/Cobden Club

I've never been sure how much appetite the UK has for this bluegrass-dixie-country sort of thing, but Nell Bryden is certainly worth more than a nod of interest.

Polka dot dress, red stiletto heels, Dorothy-esque moves, you wouldn't believe her last gig was entertaining the troops in Iraq. But go she did minus her usual band who were 'too afraid'.

So here she was back in London compete with new band (although you'd never have guessed it) headlining, if that's the right word, at the Hit Sheet Showcase at the Cobden Club. It's a pity more people weren't there to catch her brief stint. She's a good old fashioned rocker at heart (Janis Joplin came to mind actually) who was kind enough to share her meze with me beforehand, which was nice.

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