Saturday, 11 December 2010

Blackbeard's Tea Party/The Good Ship

This lively folk-rock band (I'm sure I could refine this categorisation but it will do for now) have been having such a ball in their native York that it's only now they've ventured down to London. And not before time. Playing in the ever so slightly eccentric The Good Ship in Kilburn - the stage is downstairs and the audience is upstairs - the six strong band ran through their energetic set with barely a pause for breath. Eschewing the plethora of instruments that accompany some of their contemporaries, Blackbeard's Tea Party like taking things right back to basics. That's not to say they lack any musical expertise, quite the opposite, as ably demonstrated by the fiddle and accordion of Laura Barber and Paul Young, the focus of the band's distinctive sound. The audience loved them, some of whom were Londoners. So please, come again .