Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Musbook TV

Have been quietly working away on the above with a lot of help and guidance from Simon Hewitt Jones, the founder of It's a social networking site for amateur and professional musicians. I've been put in charge of the TV side of things. It's difficult to do on a shoestring - actually, we haven't even got one of them - but thanks to an awful lot of good will from various contacts, we've managed to put out a couple of filmed interviews that will be there for all to see on the site shortly, if not already. We're kicking off with an interview with the Russian conductor Semyon Bychkov. Running along side the longer interviews will be shorter pieces with 'movers and shakers' ie musicians, journalists, commentators administrators, that kind of thing. The cellist Zoe Marlew is our first interviewee.

It's got huge potential this even if though we have absolutely no resources (for now). It may take a while to find its feet but I think there might be something in this nichecasting thing...