Thursday, 16 October 2008

Music in the City

Tucked away around one of Leicester Square's darkest corners you'll find Club Vertigo. A bugger to find but well worth it, especially if you're a mustard keen amateur musician who likes hanging out with other musos. I'm talking about Music In The City, an occasional club night (no membership required) that allows musicians of all standards to gather and play and drink. I got there a little after nine and was greeted by about four or five different chamber ensembles (thankfully no brass) bashing through all manner of repertoire. It's the brain child of the genial Simon Hewitt-Jones , a young professional violinist who is also the founder of the excellent He has big plans for the club and the website so watch this space. I liked the vibe very much and I suspect they'll be moving to bigger premises soon. I wondered about the competing noise generated by the different ensembles but they didn't seem to mind, it's as much about socialising as anything else. The next night is in Dec, no date yet,. On the floor immediately below is a hostess club. Unaffiliated I can assure you.

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