Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Joe Stilgoe/Ronnie Scott's

Here's someone to watch. Just signed to the Candid record label (Jamie Cullum began here), the breezy Joe Stilgoe delighted the crowd at Ronnie's on Monday despite the bigger attraction of Brad Mehldau at the Barbican. 'It's taken me ages to get here, it's a pity I'm going to throw it away with cheap gags.' In actual fact the gags were pretty good (his dad is Richard Stilgoe so no excuse) but it was his piano playing and rich tenor voice that really enthralled. His own compositions sat nicely among the usual standards - short and snappy and delivered in a curiously English manner that will appeal to many beyond the jazz world.

I guess he'll leap frog the Loose Ends type circuit pretty quickly. I don't know where he will land but I'm sure it will be somewhere interesting.


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