Monday, 14 December 2009

Michael Rosen/Bookmarks. St Mary's Old Church Stoke Newington

Children's author and poet Michael Rosen was the socialist book store Bookmarks' Christmas present to its customers. Holding forth for about an hour, he entertained his young and appreciative audience with hilarious stories about his childhood. Never missing a chance to turn the smallest turn of phrase into a short and witty rhyme, poem or chant, he demonstrated how one man's imagination and humour can be a far more valuable experience for children than all those phony Santa's Grottoes put together.

Spent the evening at St Mary's Stoke Newington, the prettiest and possibly oldest church in this part of town. Plans are afoot to turn it into an arts centre hence my appearance at a fund raiser for this cause. Apart from the odd wedding or two, I haven't really done a solo spot in public since my days at music college so I was a bit nervous. Luckily it was a very friendly informal occasion. I made the audience sing a long to As Time Goes By. Helpful. Nicky Spice from Highbury Chamber Choir accompanied on the piano. Great player!

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