Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Green Carnation

To the attractive Green Carnation, a night club in Soho that does its best to evoke the spirit of Oscar Wilde, and an evening of music by Errollyn Wallen. Generous in spirit to the end she has invited me and one of her students to road test a couple of our songs as well. This could be very embarrassing, especially as the blurb surrounding this inaugural event talks about it 'bringing the vanguard into the mainstream' or something like that. The trouble is my little tune is as cheesy as they come. Undeterred, and with some invaluable support from Will Mount who provides the lyrics, vocal and some tasty work on guitar, we strum our way through a song called Karen O Karen. It's a slowish ballad about..actually I'm not sure what it's about as I'm not really taking Will's lyrics in as I'm far to busy concentrating on the piano chords. It's warmly received thank God. Errollyn wants to make the evening a regular thing that encourages all sorts to come forward with songs they itching to perform. A good idea.

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