Monday, 29 March 2010

Carnesky's Ghost Train/Blackpool

So where was I going on this train? Why Blackpool of course. Somehow or other I've been assigned the task of documenting the last installment of Marisa Carnesky's Ghost Train in Blackpool before it opens for business this Friday. It has taken her ten years to get the project off the ground which has finally found a permanent (we hope) home on Blackpool's busy promenade. It's going to be pretty good I think although compared to other things in Blackpool it may be deemed 'too arty'. Still, Blackpool Council has backed it to the hilt - much to the chagrin of the local paper - in the hope, I suspect, of drawing in a different demographic, oh alright then, middle class people. Hey, maybe I should have mentioned it to the stubborn mother on my journey up here...

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