Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Sixteen/Music and the City

Spent the early afternoon filming an interview with Harry Christophers, the music director of the fabulous Sixteen. Sheppard, Tallis and Byrd are on the menu for this year's Choral Pilgrimage. As an off shoot, members of the Sixteen will march across the North Downs to raise money for charity and Canterbury Cathedral which, appropriately, is the final stop on this nine day walk. I'll put the interview up on site as soon as I've edited it. Sheppard's false relations, Byrd's yearning for his beloved Catholicism...hear it here first folks!

Evening, the splendidly ornate 1901 Club in Waterloo was hosting Simon Hewitt Jones' Music in the City soiree. I'd missed most of the music making by the time I arrived but there were still plenty of bright young things to chat to and an enormous chocolate cake to eat. Good old Simon, God knows how he finds the energy to run this and play the fiddle and keep bobbing along. He should get an award. I left just as he launched into Mendelssohn's Octet, a fine way to complete an extremely rewarding day of gadding about.

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