Friday, 21 November 2008

The South Bank Show/Messiah (4)

Another day on the road. Early start, arrive Leeds. We think we've got the Leeds Museum to ourselves but then David Miliband turns up with a huge entourage. We decamp to coffee bar. Stale croissants all round. Return just as Milipede is leaving. Interview Henry from the Sacred Wing who reminds us of the museum's past life as a civic theatre. He used to play the tuba here but discovered the joys of singing and has never looked back. Move on to Huddersfield where we take over David's house. David is the Huddersfield Choral Soc's longest serving member - fifty years no less! We'll catch up with him later at the Choral's rehearsal. We're moved to a different hotel, straight out of Alan Partridge. Odd, lots of avant-gardey musicians here from Holland - it's the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Quaker school tomorrow. Lots of different stories - I think we'll be ok.

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